Certificate Update Question

Hi, I had chimed in on another certificate-related thread in the past:

And I saw this one today, which is more closely related to my current issue:

The issue currently is that we got a new certificate, and we have the SSL Toolkit - ANT Server pointed to it.  It's highlighted in green.  It's a wildcard cert from a certified authority with the FQDN *.[ourdomainname].com.

However, when accessing TARGIT through the client, both locally and remotely, we are warned about the certificate. 

When expanding the warning message, it shows the expired certificate as "new" and the good one currently highlighted in green in the TARGIT SSL Toolkit as "old".

Any ideas on how to resolve?



  • We could not resolve this, even after completely deleting the old certificate from the server.  We finally rebooted the server on Friday evening and the issue is now resolved.

  • Hi Karl,

    Thank you for keeping us on updated on the problem - and your solution. :-)

    BR / Ole


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