Easy way to copy URL for current document

The 'Share' option in the Anywhere client already provides a feature to copy a link to open the current document in the Anywhere client. Wanted in the Designer client: Option to copy/share link to open current document in Designer client *and* option to copy/share link to open current document in Anywhere client. To be send to other Designer user or other Anywhere users respectively. Could be implemented in the 'Quick Access Toolbar'.

Use case: A customer has several designers communicating with each other. They have to send each other dashboards and designs and does so by currently copying Anywhere URL to show errors to each other. Then they manually have to go through the TARGIT designer client to find the correct dashboard and fix. The current e-mail option can help with this issue, but only if you know the mail of the receiver. A 'copy URL to clipboard' function is already implemented in many other systems. By not having this function, users will question why, as they see it other places.



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