Format options for dynamic content (date/time)

I'm in Australia and would like to see the current date formatted as d/mm/yyyy but when I use the Current Date system variable (dynamic content in text boxes), I get the American format m/dd/yyyy.

I can't find any setting on the server that's not saying Australia so in the absence of knowing where to change the server setting (or whatever the setting is), it would be nice with a format feature when we select dates (and times) for dynamic system content (dynamic cube content is of course handled by the cubes).

Alternatively, we could have either a global entry in the Settings.xml file or an entry in each user's Preferences.xml file that tells how to format system dates (and times), including the Dynamic Date Origin selector (which does come through in the Australian format so that's apparently following the server setting).



  • Hi Søren 

    I was having the same challenge as you, but found this reason from Ole on the community.

    Change date format – TARGIT Community

    My Targit client language was "English (Worldwide)" and therefore get mm/dd/yyyy, but changing to "Danish" gives me dd/mm/yyy.

  • Hi Steen,

    That's interesting!

    Based on your family name, I think you're Danish. I'm Danish too but I live in Sydney and serve the Australian market ... not sure if my customers will be happy if I change the client language :-) ... so I guess the solution is to request a British or Australian version of English to be added to our language portfolio.

    Thanks for the brilliant info ... have a lovely weekend!


  • I agree with you on that one, since US is the only place in the world that uses mm/dd/yyyy, there should be an "English (Worldwide)" with dd/mm/yyy and a "English (US)"  with dd/mm/yyyy.


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