Defining filtered criteria in scheduled job itself

A scheduled job always uses the filters that are contained in the saved analysis itself.  I would find it helpful if filters could also be specified directly in a scheduled job. Maybe this selected criteria could overwrite the existing criteria. 

Here are examples:
If a scheduled job was not successful for some reason (server failure, formatting error,...), then I have to go into each analysis, for example, and change the (dynamic) time filter (e.g. from yesterday to the day before yesterday) and manually run the scheduled job again. This is very very time consuming. 

Also, it may happen that the analysis behind the scheduled task is filtered differently by a user and then saved. In this case, this has an impact on the scheduled job - accidentally.

Moreover, one stored analysis could be enough to create multiple scheduled jobs with different filters. (Instead of using multiple bookmarks and multiple scheduled jobs).




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  • Absolutely there should be dynamic parameters for scheduled jobs.

    At the moment if I have a dashboard which should be sent out daily with the time range "Beginning of Month to date" and sent out monthly with the time range "Last Month" I need to create two dashboards/make a copy of the dashboard.


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