Dynamic Time in Data Discovery with "empty" dates

If you build a cube in data discovery based on just one data source with some transactions, you might encounter a problem with dynamic date filters when they refer to dates not represented in your data.

As an example - we can look at this data source (excel file) with a few transaction:


If we build a cube based on this data alone, we can make a table like this



But when we apply a filter like month to date (based on the date being 26th of September 2023), we get an error like this:

The error comes because neither the 1st of September nor the 26th of September are represented in the dataset.


The workaround will be to introduce a dimensions table representing all dates and a fact table representing a value (dummy value) for each date.

Dimension table should look like this:


And fact table could look like this (almost similar):


Now we can expand our cube to this model:


Using my new Date from the Dimension Dates table as filter and dimension in the table, we can now apply month to date filter and get this result:


Now we just need to apply a visibility agent that hides all rows with value = 0 


And the table is now shown according to the filter:




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