Changelog 2023 October

Build: 23.10.03511. Release date: 4th October 2023.


The October 2023 version is primarily a bugfix version.


Server and Client

Windows client Identify embedded links with both ## and #/

See Generic Embedding


InMemory ETL Studio

ETL Studio Improved error messages when Import task fails to generate a preview Meaningful error messages are now added if a preview of an Import task fails to fetch data


Data Discovery

Plugin: TARGIT Analysis Improved error messages Error messages will now give more details about why a particular TARGIT Analysis data source fails to fetch data from TARGIT Server, i.e. due to analysis unavailability, object unavailability or other reasons.



Server and Client

Server Roles: Problems with "traversable" folders

In roles, you can grant access to subfolders without access to the parent folder. What happens is that the parent folders gets the status "traversable" that allows the user to traverse into the subfolders that you have permissions to access. The traversable folder must only allow access to subfolders - not the files. The two problems that were fixed:

- Folders with deny write are not being marked as traversable even if there are subfolders with access.
- Files in a traversable folder are accessible if you know the name of the file and requests it directly.

Server Objects hangs when loading In some cases when having a lot of objects that loads concurrently there is a risk that some objects may be hanging during load.
Server Scheduled job performing slow when having hundreds of jobs When having several hundreds of jobs, a lot of tasks perform slowly - e.g. saving changes in scheduled jobs dialog, handling multiple jobs at the same time. This has been improved.
Server Problems with long paths in cloud  
Server  Query failed (issue with Gateway Software in Server)  
Windows client Autofilter is affected by expanded members

Autofilter for dynamic periods limit shown periods to the selected period if other dimension member with Autofilter is selecetd in criteribar.

No way to see all periods - unless you remove all criteria

Windows client Tabular: Totals disappear Different combinations of expanding/collapsing the hierarchy and showing/hiding subtotals cause totals to be shown or hidden.
Windows client Duplicates not allowed in user dimensions Error occur if two user dimensions have the same name.
Windows client Empty list of cubes if DefaultChildPermission is 'None' If DefaultChildPermission for a connection in roles is set to 'None', then users won't get access to any data in the connection even though there may be access to specific cubes.
Windows client Toplist not showing correct number of members If more than one dimension is used in a cross table, the toplist calculation doesn't show correct number of members.

Windows client Access Violation if scheduled job tries to export an empty crosstab In case of empty result in a export job with batch processing, the whole job stops.
Windows client Folders are not being translated Translations of VFS folders made in TARGIT Management are not enforced in the clients.
Windows client 'Display folders first' - attributes are displayed twice With disabling 'display folders first' on source data, some attributes within display folders are being displayed twice.
Windows client Dismissing splash screen causes Anywhere to crash  
Windows client Page Criteria in Reports not working with grouped objects  
Windows client Crosstab Theme: Changes can not be applied to Stored Theme  
Windows client Incorrect expand level when using regression  
Windows client Shapes & Images are not shown in Slideshow  
Windows client Online Demo Data not avaiable at first login  


InMemory Data Drivers

Driver: CSV CSV files with thousand separators are not treated as measures CSV files holding numbers with thousand separators included were always interpreted as strings
Online Data Provider: Dynamics CRM Error code 400 (bad request) is shown when a filter condition is applied A bug caused filter conditions and values to not be properly passed to the API leading to "Bad request" error
Online Data Provider: Jira "Jira - Get Project" does not properly save first selected project When a list of available projects is fetched from Jira the first project is not considered as a selected value causing UI validation rules to ask you to specify it even though it is already selected
Online Data Provider: Period From-To values cannot be selected on UI A bug made it impossible to select a value for Period From-To dropdowns even though values were present in the list of available options
Online Data Provider: "Unexpected token D in JSON" error is shown when requesting data using period ranges An invalid combination of Period Type and Period From-To values could cause this error to appear. Available Period From-To values are not adjusted to selected Period Type 
Online Data Provider: Salesforce Errors are thrown during data retraction if selected API version is not yet available for your Salesforce instance A change was made to only show API versions that are available for your Salesforce instance
Online Data Provider: Salesforce Parameters are not properly saved and restored It might happen that some parameter values are not properly restored on Salesforce Online Data Provider's form when a data source is opened for editing in ETL Studio


InMemory ETL Studio

ETL Studio ETL Studio crashes after clicking "documentation" link for Salesforce Online Data Provider "Documentation" links helps you to easier navigate across Salesforce API documentation when Online Data Provider is used
ETL Studio Default AutoRecovery timer setting is incorrect AutoRecovery function in ETL Studio performs a backup copy of the current project every minute instead of every 17 hours
ETL Studio Improved performance when a custom ADO.NET provider is selected on data source's form Dropdown values with available ADO.NET connection types for a selected assembly will appear faster on UI, without locking ETL Studio
Scheduler Management "The given key was not present in dictionary" error message is shown when opening Schedules tab This error can occur on UI if a folder was manually added to PublishedFolders via Windows Explorer rather than via Scheduler Management 
Scheduler Management Improved startup time of Scheduler Management This change causes Scheduler Management to load and appear on UI faster
Scheduler Management Scheduler Management hangs unresponsively when scheduler service is turned off Scheduler Management becomes unresponsive, not letting you to switch between tabs If Scheduler Service is stopped at that time
Scheduler Service Stackoverflow exception can occur causing Scheduler Service to stop abnormally This error can occur to project with frequent update schedule if such project was not running for some time


Data Discovery

Plugin: CSV CSV files with thousand separators are not treated as measures CSV files holding numbers with thousand separators included were always interpreted as strings
Plugin: R Minor improvement for cases when R is not installed on the server A meaningful error message is now displayed when R is not installed on the server and you want to create an R data source 



Anywhere Disabling splash screen in display mode does not have any effect Anywhere only checks if a URL is set in Management. It doesn't check the display mode.
Anywhere Long load times when requesting large dimensions in criteria bar In cases where there is hundreds of thousands of members in a dimension in the criteria bar, loading takes very long time. This has been improved.
Anywhere Drill through from total are not showing correctly  
Anywhere Export to Excel not working for drill through in Anywhere  
Anywhere If trigger with criteria, then month & date in dynamic date origin are reversed  
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