Changelog 2023 November 2

Build: 23.11.21518. Release date: 23rd November 2023.


The 2023 November 2 version contains a number of new features, as well as bugfixes.

Noteworthy new features:

  • Filter Delegates. Filter delegates allows an object to substitute a drill filter with an alternative dimension "translating" the drill to an alternate set of filter members. This is a very strong feature when wanting to isolate a set of filter members (citizens, products, etc.) to pursue further "investigations" into this subset of members without having to multi select all these members for further investigation. Filter Delegates
  • Mashup Dimensions. A way to unify dimensions across both cubes and database connections. This is especially useful when wanting to apply one single filter that works across your entire DW (or parts of it). Mashup Dimensions

New Features and changes

Server and Client

Windows client Mash-Up Dimensions Mash-Up dimensions is a new feature that allows any developer to create "global" (dashboard local) filters joining dimension members from different cubes in different database connections on the fly and use these as global filters. Mash-Up dimensions work in the same manner as the previous feature called 'Global dimensions', but now with a user interface in the Windows client.
Windows client Filter Delegates Sometimes, when you apply criteria to your data and you get a result set on a specific dimension, you would like to use that result set to work as a criteria to pass on as a new filter. This is what filter delegate does - use a filter from any object in a dashboard to delegate it to another dimension. The result set from the other dimension is then automatically applied as a filter to the other objects in the dashboard.
Server Batch multiple schema requests into a single request via the Gateway  
Windows client Scheduled publishing jobs may hang when fetching images In some situations, scheduled publishing jobs that contain objects with images (e.g. KPI or map) may hang eventually blocking other jobs from running.



Server and Client

Server Personal scheduled jobs don't work after upgrade if user hasn't been logged in for a long time  
Windows client Renaming a layout does not update the name in Consumer mode It is only updated after saving and reopening the document.
Windows client Hidden object causes Print to PDF freeze and scheduled job to time-out When an object is hidden in a group and the other objects contained are visible, Print to PDF and scheduled job times out.
Windows client User dimension criteria are not transferred if entire cube isn't selected When setting a user dimension as criteria (or drill) and trigger to another dashboard, the criteria is only transferred if the entire cube is included in the criteria settings on the trigger. If only dimension is selected the criteria is not transferred.
Windows client NullException shown when editing trigger on text box object  
Windows client Criteria in dynamic content include not only time but also dynamic period value (Eg. This Month -2)  
Windows client When the client receives 403 Forbidden, it sometimes will drop the access token causing the user to no longer being logged in  
Windows client Published jobs: Unable to render chart  



Anywhere Setting a default color sequence will make objects fail in Anywhere Setting a default color sequence and use the same color sequence name in an object, will cause object to fail in Anywhere. 
Anywhere Background image in template not shown in Anywhere  
Anywhere Gauges not visible in Anywhere and Mobile app if gauge name includes either æ, ø, å  
Anywhere "Request failed" in criteria bar when KPI object is present in dashboard  


Data Discovery

Data Discovery Back-end Changes to a file (CSV, Excel, JSON) do not trigger data source update This issue can happen when a path to a file contains alternative directory separators, ie "c:/Folder/File.txt" instead of "c:\Folder\File.txt"
Plugin: R Unable to create an R data source when "Data Source creation Out-Of-Process" setting is enabled "SetCachedEnvironmentVariables requires R path and home directory to have been specified or detected" error can be thrown especially if "Data Source creation Out-Of-Process" setting is enabled in Data Discovery. The fix will try to  properly initialize R engine with paths where R is installed. It is also possible to overwrite this behavior by setting R_HOME and R_PATH system environmental variables on the server.
Plugin: TARGIT Analysis Incorrect data in TARGIT Analysis data source after source analysis object gets modified This issue causes incorrect data be shown in a TARGIT Analysis data source after it was successfully created and a source analysis object gets updated i.e. a new measure is added in between the already existing ones, that caused incorrect shift of data in a data source when it got updated and loaded new column
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