Changelog 2022 Winter Update 1

Build: 23.02.15007. Release date: 16th February 2023.

New features:

ETL Studio:

Scheduler Management Improved log of events per script is now available in Scheduler Management

It is possible to see the output of a script run in Scheduler Management by browsing and reading the contents of a .log file, created after script run. Additional .events file will be created that contains enhanced log of events that occur during script execution.


InMemory - Database:

inmemorydb Added support so you can use aliases on the LHS of the set Clause  
inmemorydb InformationSchema.Tables now displays the status of Compiling if a table is currently being compiled  
inmemorydb If a second compilation process times out, while trying to compile a table, the table name is now included in the exception, if its not null If you had a MIN Aggregation function, in a SQL Statement with a BAlance statement, then the result of the MIN, was being changed by the prior data for the Balance part.
inmemorydb Refactored tiHttpServer, to make custom http servers easier to build Added new TARGITDBHttp default authentication module
inmemorydb new option to targitdb.ini if you set echoQueryCompilationDebug to true it will output the CS code to the log file, whenever there is a query compilation error.  This is designed to help troubleshoot queryCompilationErrors
inmemorydb Updated tiServer.exe.config for Dot Net framework build  


Server & Clients:

Server Logging of response times in milliseconds in auxiliary database

To get the durations in milliseconds, the TARGIT_LOG table needs to have a REQMSECS column. It will automatically create that one if the TARGIT_LOG table does not exist in the auxiliary database.

The TARGIT Server will not attempt to modify an existing TARGIT_LOG table. If you have an old TARGIT_LOG table, it will continue logging the duration in seconds in the REQSECONDS column.

It also supports having both REQSECONDS and REQMSECS columns in the table.



Data Discovery:

Data Discovery Back-end Improved RAM consumption This change improves RAM consumption, especially during Data Discovery's initialization phase
Data Discovery Front-end Options to modify data source's metadata is removed from Preview data source window It was possible to adjust metadata types of columns using Preview data source window. This functionality is now removed. If you need to adjust metadata options you can use a Column Types window.


Server & Clients:

Server ROLAP: simplify >, <, >= and <= criterias

If there is a criteria using <, >, <= or >=, the ROLAP engine will always do something like this (example Time > 2020 Q1):

(YEAR > 2020) OR (YEAR = 2020 AND QUARTER > 2020Q1)


Regardless of the status of the quarter level. The query gets increasingly complicated the more levels there are in the hierarchy. If the hierarchy is a natural hierarchy - or the quarter level is defined as unique, you can skip the year part and just write:

QUARTER > 2020Q1


If a sort column is involved, you should not do it because even if the hierarchy is configured as a natural hierachy, you cannot be 100% sure that the sort column is unique as well.



Data Discovery:

Data Discovery Cube remains in 'Restore pending' state after restart This bug is caused when a cube contains a data source that points to a local file and this file was removed during the time Data Discovery was shutdown. 
Data Discovery Back-end Unable to update cube due to data source's metadata changed This bug was introduced in 2022 Winter release and is caused by the following conditions:
1) You have data sources or certain type: Excel, CSV, JSON, TARGIT Analysis
2) Out-of-process creation of data sources setting is enabled (this setting is turned on by default in 2022 Winter release)
3) Metadata types for these data sources was manually adjusted from the UI via Column Types or Preview window
4) A cube contains one or more of such data sources
Data Discovery Front-end Unable to call context menu on data sources It was not possible to call context menu of a data source after opening and closing it's Column Types window.
Plugin: Excel "Handle empty rows and 0 values" setting is not applied This bug caused rows with empty and 0 values be treated as data and appear in result table


ETL Studio:

ETL Studio ETL: Javascript disappears from data source's edit form  
ETL Studio Date of 9999-12-31 is not supported   
ETL Studio ETL: Global macros are not created Global macros are not visible after you create them and close macros editor window and open it again.
Scheduler Management Unable to edit notifications Changes were not saved when you try to modify a notification if multiple notifications have been set up in your Scheduler
Scheduler Service ETL jobs fails with errors after upgrade On a majority of installations when upgrading from 2022 Spring Update 4 to 2022 Winter release you get the error "Error executing dummy query". The issue is caused by 2 missing .dll files needed for proper targitdb/tiImport components usage.


InMemory Data Drivers:

Driver: Excel "Handle empty rows and 0 values" setting is not applied This bug caused rows with empty and 0 values be treated as data and appear in result table
Data Drivers Do not wait for telemetry responses 1) branched out from 3009 and disabled waiting of telemetry responses (the task is performed in background without affecting driver's performance 2) teletry server is brought to 'operational' state, without sql server grabbing more that 90% of CPU 3) changes to framework and within 1000 builds will be analyzed once we merge .NET7 into master which should have impact on performance and solved as part of DD-476 4) tiImport might have slight affect on performance although not critical, measures from step #3 should be taken first


InMemory Database:

inmemorydb bug in unload_temptables targitdb.ini setting when it parsed, it actually used the unload_timer value instead of unload_temptables targitdb.ini
inmemorydb bug in multi-line Table Value Functions The temp output table, could be dropped if the background garbage timer ran inside tiServer
inmemorydb query compilation error with Sign function in tiSQL  
inmemorydb problem with listDatabases not working correctly in http api  
inmemorydb bug with getDate() and date() functions in tiImport returning the time that the script was parsed, rather than executing time


Server & Clients:

Windows client "Designed for" not default enabled on new Dashboard "Designed For" is now default set when creating a new Dashboard layout
Windows client "Next run" column missing in Scheduled Jobs overview "Next run" column have been added to the Scheduled Jobs overview
Windows client When creating a new analyze the "Bookmark" button is grayed out, but the option is still in the right-click menu .
Server TARGIT server will go into maintenance mode when running a Schedule job on the 28th A job scheduled to run on the 28th of a month specifically causes the TARGIT Server to enter maintenance mode.
Windows client Scheduled jobs - listing changes after editing a job Editing a scheduled job, sends the job to the end of the list - that means that the sorting of the jobs changes.
Server Scheduled jobs do not respect forced criteria Forced criteria do not apply to scheduled jobs potentially causing a risk of more data being displayed than intended.
Windows client Tabular: “Missing member” in global criteria Improved the criteria request measures decoration editor to have simple/advanced modes, where simple is how the decoration behaved previously. You need to disable the troublesome measures in the decorations editor.
Windows client When mapping a member to a point decimals aren't accepted In an area map when mapping members to a point, decimals are now accepted, which is consistent with the definition of map edges.
Windows client TARGIT crashes in shared user dimensions dialog TARGIT no longer crashes when pressing OK button several times fast after each other.
Windows client Scheduled jobs - Log and Latest result are misaligned if a job runs for a long time (> 5 minutes) The list of scheduled jobs is now also checking for running job.
Management Error moving tabs in data model When moving tabs in data model editor, it does not crash anymore.
Windows client Color Agents on user dimension member shows xmlui error if member name is changed When opening an agent based on a user dimension member, where member name has been changed an xmlui error is displayed.

Management Query from Data Modeler in Preview Table gets a blank result  
Windows client Scheduled job and log does not display same date/time format  
Server Analysis Services: when reading the response from Analysis Services, the TARGIT Server can enter an infinite loop if the response is incorrect in some way  
Windows client Scheduled job - deleting a job that is running, crashes TARGIT  
Windows client TARGIT Client crashes when opening the Properties Dialogue for a TEXT BOX object and MENU object.  
Windows client When creating or editing local and global criteria is User Dimension not translated to German. Userdimension = Benutzer Dimension  
Windows client Scheduled Job: Search for mail recipients not possible anymore  



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