Changelog 2022 Winter Update 2

Build: 23.02.15012. Release date: 14th June 2023.

New features:

Server & Client:

Server Open-ID functionality with option to control client language in Anywhere

When using SignedLogin for integrated login with TARGIT Anywhere, it is possible to specify Language for the user. The same feature would be relevant when logging in with OpenID as with SignedLogin.

OpenID Language support 


Bug fixes:

Server & Client:

Server When logging in via an identity provider, the session expires after 2 hours After 2 hours, user is met by an "access denied" when trying to continue, and has to close down Target Suite and start again.
Windows client Cannot login to clients when user is member of many Active Directory groups If a user is member of many Active Directory groups (100+), an error is displayed when trying to login on both the Windows and Anywhere clients.



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