Visual Studio Code extension for TARGIT InMemory SQL

[Version: 2024 - April]
[Build: 24.05.03003]

TARGIT has created an InMemory Database extension for the Visual Studio Code app. It enables you to query your InMemory databases from within the Visual Studio Code app with the additional syntax checking and assistance that is provided by this app.

This is an alternative to the native TARGIT InMemory Query Tool, which has less rich options compared to the Visual Studio Code app. 

You can download the Visual Studio Code app here:

Open the Visual Studio Code app and go to the Extensions Marketplace to search for and install the TARGIT InMemory Database extension.

Once it has been installed, you can start using it from the left panel. First, you will need to connect to a server or to a database.

To connect to a server, select Add Connection:

To connect to a server, you will need to provide some information, step by step, by typing in and/or pressing ENTER to the information presented in the center top of the Visual Studio Code window.

  • Server name, e.g. 'localhost' or specific server name
  • Port (default: 5060)
  • Authentication type: Standard (default) or Windows
  • Encryption: Yes or No (default)
  • User Name (default: default)
  • Password (default: Pa$$W0rd)
  • Save password: Yes or No

Once connected, you can start querying tables of the connected databases.

The Visual Studio Code app provides some syntax assistance when you create your queries, e.g.,:


The TARGIT InMemory Database extension requires installation of the .NET Runtime 7.0.xx for Windows x64. Visual Studio Code may need a restart after installation.


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