Command Line Tool: Targit.Commander.exe

Cloud release: 1 May 2024
On-prem release: May 2024

Use the Targit.Commander.exe command line tool to copy documents between your TARGIT Server and your local PC.

You can use this tool for ad-hoc manual operations, or you can create scheduled tasks in your Windows OS to automate, e.g., daily executions of the TARGIT.Commander.exe.

Please note that this tool is only for Cloud based servers (where you don't have any other means of accessing the server's file structure), it can not be used for on-prem TARGIT installations.

The tool may be downloaded here (requires you're logged in to

Setting up Targit.Commander.exe 

The Targit.Commander.exe file may be placed in any folder on your local Windows OS. Open a Command prompt to run the Targit.Commander.exe from the installed path.

Running the .exe file from the Command prompt will produce this overview:

Before the Targit.Commander.exe can be used to copy files to/from your server, you must set it up (once) with a Service account capable of reading and writing documents in the server's file structure.

Open your TARGIT Management client and go to 'Service accounts' to add a new account:

Set these properties:

  • Name: Any name will work.
  • Features selected:
    • VFS access
    • Access personal folders for all users (optional)

To complete the one-time setup of the Targit.Commander.exe app, use the setup command:

Targit.Commander.exe setup <id> <key> <server>

Where <id> and <key> (only one of the keys) are copied from the Service account properties.


Note: If the TARGIT server is a local server or an on-prem server, you must have a valid SSL certificate for the TARGIT Server. If the TARGIT Server is Cloud based, the https connection is already secured.

The setup configuration is saved in 'C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\Commander\Targit.Commander.Settings.json'.

Command examples

List files in server VFS

Targit.Commander.exe list

List files with specific extension, in specific folder

Targit.Commander.exe list vfs://global/*.xview

List files with specific extension, in specific folder - and its subfolders

Targit.Commander.exe list vfs://global/*.xview -recursive

Copy files with specific extension, from specific folder on server to specific folder on local

Targit.Commander.exe copy vfs://global/*.xview c:/temp/targit/global/ -recursive

Copy files with specific extension, from specific folder on local to specific folder on server - overwrite if exists

Targit.Commander.exe copy c:/temp/targit/global/Sales/*.xview vfs://global/Sales/ -overwrite

Delete a single file from VFS

Targit.Commander.exe delete "vfs://global/Training/Lesson 3 demo - Copy.xview"


Note: These events are audit logged, making it possible to track when and by whom the operation was performed.

Note: Settings and configurations for e.g., User dimensions, Shared colors, Translations, etc., cannot be copied with this feature.

You can also copy/paste documents directly from the TARGIT Windows client. See this article: Copy paste documents between client and file system

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