Color agents

Color agents are useful to highlight specific data in an analysis, e.g. if a calculation results in positive as well as negative trends.

The simplest way to add a color agent to a column is by right-clicking the column and then select “Agent / Add color or gauge agent”.


This will open the Agent options in the Smartpad:


Many different options are available – in this example, we have selected an Icon agent, suitable for highlighting positive and negative trends.



  • An agent with 2 states will have one color for positive values and another color for negative
  • An agent with 3 states will have one color for values significantly above average (average + 1 standard deviation), another color for values significantly below average (average – 1 standard deviation), and a third color for values in between.

The agent ”Classic LED (2 states)” has been used on the two calculated columns in the example below:


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