Customized color agents

An agent is not limited to the available standard conditions. These conditions can be customized if required.

In this example, we have added a simple “Color element (2 states)” agent on the calculation in the crosstab. To edit an agent you will have open them from Smartpad Properties where you can click “Color and Gauge agents”. Notice the number in parenthesis that tells you how many agents have been applied to the current object.


From the list of agents you can edit the individual agents (click the right side of the agent) or you can duplicate one agent in order to create even more states.


When editing an existing agent or when creating a new agent, you can select from the standard conditions on the right hand side – or you can manually customize the condition in the Agent condition field.


In this example, we will add a new agent for Growth percentages below 30, and we should determine a new color for this agent.

Note: Click the small colored field in the middle to change the color. Do not use the standard color series on the right hand side unless you want to make special color agents where the color should automatically graduate from one to another color.


Pick the color from one of the standard colors, from the color palette or by précising the R/G/B or Hex value. When the correct color has been selected, close the box by clicking the “OK” button below the palette.


Sometimes you will experience that a newly added color agent will overwrite one of the other agents. In this case, we see an issue with all values below 30 being colored yellow (including the negative values that was otherwise colored red).


The sequence of color agents has an effect on how data is colored. To re-arrange the agents, select one of them and use the arrow buttons below the list of agents to move them up or down.

Moving the yellow agent up one step will result in this:


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