Merging data with R

TARGIT Data Discoverer includes an option to work with the “R” language.


R is a powerful statistical programming language that allow you to run scripts for extracting data sets for statistical purposes.

The purpose of this class is not to teach you details on how to use R – many online resources are available to give you a head start on that.

In this class you will simply learn how to work with one specific and useful script that allows you to merge data of multiple files into one data source.

Imagine this scenario: You have a source data system that is capable of delivering a daily data dump. This data dump might be e.g. a comma separated file (CSV) that goes into a specific folder. The system automatically creates file names with a continuous date stamp as part of the file name.

Now, you can create a script with one of R’s functions that will merge all files in the folder into one data source.

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