Analysis Services Project from template

To create an Analysis Services project, we should first start the SQL Server Data Tools.


SQL Server Data Tools is actually a tool using Microsoft’s Visual Studio shell. So, if you are familiar with Visual Studio you should also be familiar with the SQL Server Data Tools interface. If not, you will quickly learn it through the extensive use in this course.

Once Data Tools has been started, we will need to create a New Project.


When defining the new project that is to become a multidimensional database we should select an Analysis Services project among the project templates.

The Name option will become the name of the current project, while the Solution name will become the name of the solution of which the current project will become a member. Related projects should be added to the same solution. Later in this course we will add other projects to the current solution.

  • Name: TDWD1-MultidimensionalProject
  • Solution name: TDWD1-Solution


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