The Customer Posting Group dimension

We would like to create a Customer Posting Group dimension. The Customer Posting Group information can be found as one of the columns in the Sales Invoice Header table.


Again, start out by right clicking the Dimensions folder in the Solution Explorer to add a new dimension.

This new dimension must be based on the Sales Invoice Header table, and its key column must be the default No_ column.


As we may recall from the Data Source View, the Sales Invoice Header table has been related to the Customer table which furthermore has been related to the Country_Region table.

Due to these relationships the wizard will offer to include these two tables in the design of our new dimension as they may potentially hold information that can be used as attributes.

However, in this case, the Customer Posting Group dimension, we want all attributes to originate from the Sales Invoice Header table only.


This time however, since we already know that the Customer Posting Group column holds the information we require, we may select this attribute at this stage in the Dimension Wizard.


Furthermore, if we scroll all the way towards the bottom of the attributes list we will see that the Sell-to Customer No attribute has already been pre-selected. The Sell-to Customer No is at the same time the foreign key linking to the Customer table. Even though we don’t need it right now, we will keep it as it will come in handy at a later stage.


Complete the wizard by naming the dimension “Customer Posting Group” as this is eventually the only attribute we will make available to the end-users.


As mentioned, we would like to make only the Customer Posting Group attribute available to end-users. So the other two attributes must now be hidden.

Multi-select the two attributes other than the Customer Posting Group attribute, and right-click to set properties for these two attributes.


We are looking for the AttributeHierarchyVisible property which indicates whether these attributes are visible to end-users’ client applications – such as TARGIT.


After having built, deployed and processed the dimension we may now have a look at it in the Browser tab. By looking at the Hierarchy drop down list, we can see that the only visible attribute is now the Customer Posting Group attribute.



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