Named Calculation concatenation

Another way to use Named Calculations is to create new categorization options by combining multiple existing columns into one column, which is then used in a dimension at a later stage.

A common solution to a common request will be shown when we expand our Item dimension by adding a new categorization option that dimension. Currently, our item dimension contains two attributes: the Item numbers attribute (which is mandatory, but hidden) and the Item Description attribute (which is currently the only visible attribute from this dimension).

We want to create a new attribute which is the combination of the Item Number and the Description.


The syntax for merging together the number and description fields into one field is a little complex, but can be handled anyway by the Named Calculation editor.


The new Named Calculation will appear at bottom of the Item table as seen in the Data Source View.


When re-opening the Item dimension, we can also see the new field in the Data Source View panel of the dimension designer window. And now we will simply drag this field across to the Attributes panel to make it a new attribute of this dimension.


After having re-processed and possibly re-connected to the Sales cube we can see that the new attribute will work as expected.


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