Updating the SSIS Package to process partitions

By creating these partitions, we have achieved two things:

  • When querying for data from 2012 Analysis Services will only have to examine our new partition and not the full database
  • We can create an SSIS package for each partition and create individual jobs to execute them with different frequencies

Our SSIS package can quite easily be configured to update a certain Partition.

First step is to take a copy of our current SSIS package. From now on we will need at least two packages (one per partition).

This is done by simply right clicking and copy-and-paste


After Copying we rename the packages:


In the Analysis Services Processing Task we have to make a minor adjustment.
On the second tab (Processing Settings) we remove the current object


Then we add it again and expands the Sales Cube to set a checkmark at this particular Partition


The dimensions should still be processed


Repeating this process for the other SSIS-package (and setting the checkmark at the other partition) we now have two packages ready for scheduling.

We switch to SSMS Database Engine...

...and create a new job


Name it the new partition update


We click the second tab Steps...


...and create a New step

This first (and only) step of the job needs to be configured.

  • Give the step a name
  • Choose Type=SQL Server Integrations Services Package
  • Choose Package Source=File system
  • Locate the right Package


Finally, on the Schedules tab...


We create a Schedule for this particular package.

Repeating the process we create a similar job to execute the other package on a different frequency.

Expanding jobs we should be able to see both jobs.


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