The source data, as they have been imported to the InMemory database, are the raw, unmodified data. Sometimes these data need to be enriched to provide meaningful insight to the end-users.

In the ETL Studio, you can run Scripts to perform modifications to your existing tables, to create new tables etc.


In this example we will add an extra column to the Customer table. The added column should simply concatenate the content of the existing [City] and [Country_Region Code] columns.

First, rename the Script to something that describes what it will do. Next, open the Query window by clicking the button next to the Query property:


This will open the Query Editor where you can type in your script as in the example below:


Once you have applied the script, you can try to run the project:


When the project has been successfully run, you can check the result with the TARGIT InMemory Query Tool:


Such a new column can of course be defined as a new dimension or as a new measure in your Data Model, but in order to see it, you may need to close and re-open your Data Model Editor:


The newly added column is now visible in your Data Model and can be used to e.g. create a new dimension:


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