Re-activate Insights

  • If you re-activate TARGIT Insights on a system that has previously had it activated and then de-activated, there will only be usage data from the time of the last de-activation.
  • Previous usage data are still stored on the customer system, but must be manually uploaded to become available.

The stored data are located in


on the TARGIT Server.

In this folder you will find logging files that can be one of three types:

  • *.log. The *.log files are logging usage data during a period where Insights is de-activated. When Insights is re-activated, these files will automatically be uploaded to the Insights database. During upload, they will automatically be renamed to *.upl files. After upload, they will automatically be renamed to *.bak files.
  • *.bak. The *.bak are log files that have already been uploaded to the Insights database. To restore previous usage data on an Insights database that has been de-activated and re-activated, you can rename all *.bak files to *.upl. E.g., with a command prompt:
  • *.upl. The *.upl files are log files that are in the process of being uploaded. The upload process may take from minutes to several hours.
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