The Quality Check Task

The general functionality of the Quality Check Task is that it generates and executes consistency checking SQL scripts on selected tables. These SQL scripts are generated via various options that have been defined by the user in a number of dialogue boxes.

Basically, when a foreign key has been found to have no matching primary key in the related table, the value of the foreign key is automatically inserted as a primary key in the related table. Furthermore, apart from just inserting the key, the task may also insert values for the other columns of the related table.

Hereafter the two related tables will be referred to as the foreign key table and the primary key table.

To include the new task in our SSIS package we must drag the Quality Check Task into the Control Flow window from the Control Flow toolbox.


First thing we need to do, is to define a Connection Manager for the Quality Check Task. We cannot use the current OLE DB connection manager. The Quality Check Task (and the Period Table Task) only works with ADO.NET connection managers.

You must right-click in the Connection Managers window to add the new ADO.NET Connection Manager.



Consider renaming the new Connection Manager to something else, e.g. ADO.NET Stage.

Now, double-click the Quality Check Task to open the editor and start by defining its Connection Manager, ADO.NET Stage.

The Quality Check Task contains three tabs: Values, Empty and Tables.

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