Creating the Posting Period dimension

Once the Period table has been populated, we may include it in the Data Source View. The Primary key of the Period table is the TheDate column, which should be related to the Posting Date column of the Sales Invoice Line table.


At this time, we may create a new dimension, Posting Period, with a 3-level hierarchy based on some of the attribute columns of the Period table.


Now, create a three-level hierarchy based on these attributes.


Also, make sure that all attributes, except Month Number, are hidden.


Now process the dimension and open it in the dimension browser tab. When browsing the hierarchy or the Month Number attribute we see that months are represented only as numbers. If we would like months to be represented by their names instead, e.g. January, February etc., then we can take advantage of the fact that we already created these names as part of our Period Table Task.

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