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A common request among TARGIT users is to be able to show dimension members with empty results.

E.g., when you are looking at an analysis with 12 months of data in a bar chart, you would like always to be able to see all 12 months. However, filtering to a particular customer, you had no sale to this customer in the two months of June and July.

The default behaviour of the database is to display now just 10 bars in the bar chart. To you, however, it is just as important to know which months had no sale. In other words, your bar chart should always display 12 months even though some of these may be empty results with no bars.

To accomplish this, you will need to implement a “Dummy measure” in your database that ensures that a value is always shown for any dimension member of any dimension.


The simplest way to implement this is to add a new calculation to your cube. You may name this calculation as you like – in this case named “AlwaysOne” as its function is always to return the value 1:


In the TARGIT client, you can now use the AlwaysOne calculation as a measure that you add to objects where you want to see all dimension members – including the ones with empty results:


Next, if necessary, you can go to Properties / Visibility to hide the AlwaysOne measure:


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