NOTE: Since the 2022 Spring Release the What-If feature has been retired from TARGIT.


This unique feature gives the possibility to explore the hidden potential in the data warehouse.
With one single click a What-If object may be added and the effect of changes in figures may be
predicted based on information already available in the data warehouse. E.g. What-If the sales
revenue was 5% higher. What would the numbers look like? This question may now be
answered by adding a What-If object to the analysis.

The What-If object affects the appearance of the other objects in the analysis. Whenever a
What-If object is added to an analysis, the other objects in the analysis show the What-If
modified values and bar charts show both the original values and the What-If modified values.

To start working with the What-If object, right click a value in one of your existing objects.


This will produce two things:

  • What-if columns for all of your existing measures
  • A What-if object


In Consumer mode, by clicking a measure in the What-if object, you can simulate an increase or a decrease of the selected measure by using the slider or by typing a percentage number:


In Designer mode, you can right click and What-if any dimension member to further add it to the What-if object. These individual dimension members can also be controlled individually by clicking them.


Notice the small red cross - if you should want to remove a dimension member from the list.

Note: In this example, the two What-if columns can be referred to, calculations-wise, as column d2 and d4 (or d-3 and d-1). Often, the What-if functionality makes most sense when combined with calculations.

Remove a What-if object

To remove a What-if object, simply click the red cross on the object in Designer mode (or hit the Delete button while selected).

However, you will see that removing the What-if object from the page does not immediately remove the What-if columns from the other objects.

In order to completely remove the What-if additions from the document, you must go to the Object list in the lower left corner of the client and, from there, delete the now unused What-if object.



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