What is TARGIT Data Discovery?

TARGIT Data Discovery enables an end-user to consume data from a wide variety of data sources and combine them with other data without knowing about data types and complicated query languages. We call these combinations for cubes. 

TARGIT Data Discovery is not meant to be a replacement for a traditional BI solution, but rather be the add-on that gives business analysts and other user types with basic understanding of data structures a tool to instantly deploy company-wide solutions in a collaborative spirit.


The engine of the TARGIT Data Discovery module is a service called TARGIT Data Service. The TARGIT Data Service is an in memory engine designed to work with datasets of millions of rows and must be installed on the same server hosting the TARGIT Server component.


TARGIT Data Service will work with up to two million rows of data out of the box, but with the addition of the Data Discovery license module to the TARGIT solution, it can exceed the two million rows limit – limited only by memory.

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