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On a mobile platform, especially on a Smartphone, you will probably want to create a dashboard layout that is different from the dashboard layout that you use for PC screens.

The idea with multiple layouts has been supported since the initial TARGIT 2019 release, even making layouts specific for mobile platforms.

However, until now, these layouts have worked as "full screen" layouts, so most things you designed still needed to be crammed into the size of a PC screen or a Smartphone screen.

The new thing is that you can now make layouts designed for scrolling, and this is especially useful for Smartphone users who can now examine each individual object in detail before scrolling on to the next objects.

Fit to page width in an example: A Dashboard designed for a long, scrolling Smartphone layout:

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  • Hello, 

    What is the easiest way to do that in a report? In the classic report engine we had the option to fit to page (see screenshot). When I copy a cross table from the classic report to the new report the crosstable does not fit on the page (many collumns are outside the page).


  • Hi Frank,

    The classic reports simply scaled down the crosstab until it could fit the page width.

    There is no automatic way to do this with the new reports, but you can still scale down the crosstab with the scaling option in the client's lower right corner:

    Notice: You are not limited by the pre-defined values - you can enter e.g., 0.6 to scale to 60%.

    Maybe the Scaling - in combination with 'Autofit' - can provide the desired result?

    BR / Ole


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