Conversion of documents created in TARGIT versions before TARGIT 2019

With TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 TARGIT is taking a huge leap into a much better way of designing documents. Designers will be able to design just the dashboards and reports they want everyone to see.

This feat has required many changes to the technical part of the TARGIT Decision Suite especially, around the canvas where all documents are designed. TARGIT have migrated all charts to a web-based platform (JavaScript) and the canvas from a desktop specific implementation (WPF) to a web based implementation (HTML) to ensure performance and rendering consistency across all devices. Furthermore, the concept has changed from a canvas that would stretch and fit to different resolutions (and look different) across devices/resolutions to a canvas with one resolution that will scale to look the same across devices/resolutions.

TARGIT has done a lot to ensure that these major changes causes as few issues as possible when solutions are upgraded to the 2019 version. However, with the huge number of different TARGIT documents, screen resolutions, configuration settings, etc. it has proven impossible to secure a 100% successful conversion rate. The table below describes the main issues we have seen and how to fix them.


Issue Description Fix
General scaling of canvas Font sizes in objects look bigger or smaller compared to earlier versions and there may be scrollbars in some places where there didn’t use to be scrollbars.

In the Page Settings of the document set a resolution to convert the canvas to – make sure to tick ‘Resize objects to fit page’.
In 2019 Upgrade 1 a fix to convert to the same resolution for all documents is incorporated. See documentation for "DocumentUpgrade.xml" for details.

Font is small and blurry in crosstabs Crosstabs show a small and blurry font when the rendered font size is very small. This often happens on layouts that are scaled down and the rendered size is 9 or lower. Enlarge the rendered font. It is the product of the selected font and the scaling of the object – seen in the lower right corner of the TARGIT Windows client (e.g. font size 10 * 80% = font size 8). Keep the rendered font above 9 to minimize any blurry effects.
Crosstab column width is not correct Crosstabs are cut off by the object boundaries. Manually set the column widths in the crosstab to fit the content or use the autofit option.
Charts are not displayed correct The chart configuration (labels, axes, etc.) may be a bit off compared to earlier versions. Manually adjust the chart configurations to match your previous version.


Once documents are configured successfully in the newer version they can be saved. This provides the benefit that these documents are now displayed in the same way across devices and resolutions. This is a huge benefit when designing to a lot of users. In addition to this, try to add additional layouts to really improve your dashboards on e.g. phones and tablets.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to the TARGIT Support Team.

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