Top list with sum of the rest - video guide

When you use the built-in Top List function in the TARGIT client (located in the Calculations tab), you will get e.g. a nice Top 10 list of your products based on sales. However, the built-in Top List function is a bit "harsh" in the sense that it omits all data not in the top list.

Very often people want to present a Top List and, at the same time, present a combined Total of those dimension members not in the top list.

You can do that yourself with a combination of calculations and visibility agents.

Watch this short video guide on how to create a top list, including a "sum of the rest":

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  • I have followed your video here and it was very succesful in my first measure. But on the second measure the sum of the calculation isn't correct. Instead it displays the same sum from the first measure again.

    I probably need to change my condition, but I don't know what to change it to?

    Any help? ;-)


  • Hi Michael,

    I guess you have used the formula directly from my video: sum(0, all(h), m1)

    The "m1" is a specific reference to the first measure (Oms EUR in your case), so that's probably why you get the same sum in both cells in your crosstab that contains two different measures.

    Instead, you should try this formula: sum(0, all(h), 0)

    Here, the measure reference (the last 0) has been made dynamic, meaning that the calculation should be based on "the current measure".

    Try this and let me know if it works.

    BR / Ole


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