DAX - optimized handling of subtotals

From TARGIT 2022 Spring

In previous versions of TARGIT, when querying data from a DAX/Tabular data warehouse, Totals and Subtotals was always returned as part of the query - even if Totals and Subtotals was disabled in the client. As a consequence, especially when working with crosstabs with many dimensions in a customized hierarchy, the end-user would often experience very poor performance due to the overhead of querying the many Subtotals.

Example of crosstab with lots of unnecessary Subtotals, that you would normally disable:



With this version, queries send to a DAX/tabular data warehouse will respect client settings with regard to Totals and Subtotals. I.e., if Subtotals has been disabled in the client, Subtotals will not be part of the query, and the end-user will get a much better user experience.


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