Changelog for 2022 Spring update 2

New features

InMemory Data Provider: DPJOBINDSATS: Added support for new 2.0 version of Jobindsats API  
inmemorydb Added a reloadUsers method if using custom user authentication feature  



Data Discovery DS: Set default refresh rate on data sources to once per day  
inmemorydb Minimum version of Dot Net is now 4.7.2 for standard Dot net framework version  
InMemory Scheduler Service Write triggered script's logs to master script log It is not possible to see the logs of triggered scripts as part of master script's log file in Scheduler Management



Anywhere Anywhere doesn't respond  
Data Discovery DS: Data source preview shows duplicated characters when data contains Danish letters and preview is opened multiple times  
Data Discovery DS: Issues when date time settings are unchecked in attribute designer The date issue has been corrected, so you don't have to select the whole date hierarchy, to get the right result.
Data Discovery Plugin: Denmark Statistics DS: Properly handled timeout error on DST plugin form  
InMemory Data Provider: DPJOBINDSATS: Fixed error causing "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Label')" message  
InMemory Scheduler Management Hour specification is ignored when selecting weekly schedule  
InMemory Scheduler Service Scheduled run is not triggered after service restart Scheduler service will restart all the jobs that missed their schedules during service shutdown.
InMemory Scheduler Service Failed triggered scripts should stop master script A triggered script now causes master script to stop and fail if it executed unsuccessfully.
Windows client Lines covered by columns  
Windows client Access violation - single file The issue happen when making a criteria on a member property where the value is equal to "" - the empty string
Windows client Saving document hangs if data in crosstab is not visible  
Server 12 hour limit for scheduled jobs is no longer enforced Schedule jobs that run for more that specified limit  will now be shutdown.
Windows client Criteria info from batch removed  
Management client External exception when switching to extension in Data Model Editor In some cases when switching to an extension in the Data Model Editor an external exception is displayed and the Data Model Editor crashes.
Installer Targit OfflineInstaller on Terminalserver does not work  
Management client Online demodata count as a database connection Online demo data no longer counts as a database connection.
Server Setting criteria - Criteria members has changed in the database  
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