Changelog for 2022 Spring Update 4

New features:

InMemory - Database:

inmemorydb Added a new command line option tiLoad Possible to specify a time to explicitly wait after the initial request is sent. e.g. /wait=30 will now cause tiLoad to wait for 30 minutes additional minute, before starting its main polling algorithm, to check reload status
inmemorydb Added the following command to tiImport SET DEBUGIMPORT TRUE/FALSE This turns on extra debugging information, like displaying the related exceptions and values when you into errors importing certain rows. This is designed to troubleshoot errors,when importing data, and the system cannot read certain rows. Do not turn on for production systems
inmemorydb Added new targitdb.ini option called bitpack_rowcutoff If you turn on bitpacking, by default it will not turn on bitpacking for tables with less than 100,000 rows. This allows you to customize the row cutoff for bitpacking. E.g. adding the line bitpack_rowcutoff=200000 will mean tables with less than 200k rows are not bitpacked.


Server & Clients:

Server The error message in the scheduled job log only says "Error sending mail" which is not very helpful  



InMemory - Data Drivers:

Driver: Dynamics AX7 Verified data driver is compatible with latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (10.0.28)  



Data Discovery:

Data Discovery Add File button Duplicate data source with postfix "1" is created when uploaded using Add file button The fix will only be applied to installations doing upgrade from any 2021 or older versions!

2022 Spring, 2022 Spring Update 1, 2022 Spring Update 2 and 2022 Spring Update 3 should follow the workaround steps 
Data Discovery Front-end A list of cubes that use data source is not shown when deleting it Now cubes are shown before deleting.
Plugin: Excel Cannot access a closed Stream error in Excel plugin  
Plugin: Google Trends Google trends fail with 401 error  
Plugin: TARGIT Analysis When fetching data from a TARGIT dashboard it times out after 5 minutes  
Plugin: TARGIT Analysis Unable to change language on TARGIT Analysis edit form  
Plugin: TARGIT Analysis Disable automatic header name generation for TARGIT Analysis plugin The plugin was able to generate header names automatically if an exception occurs during communication with TARGIT Server. This could cause changes to cube structure and in some cases make data source disappear from the cube


InMemory - Database:

inmemorydb minSizeToLoadBeforeGC Fixed a bug in the minSizeToLoadBeforeGC, so that the file size loaded counter is reset back to 0, after a related GC is triggered.
inmemorydb MIN Aggregation function If you had a MIN Aggregation function, in a SQL Statement with a BAlance statement, then the result of the MIN, was being changed by the prior data for the Balance part.
inmemorydb Try/Catch with a DO Parallel In tiImport, Try/ Catch will now work with a DO Parallel inside.
inmemorydb Different results with Min function when including ClosedBal  
inmemorydb Stop Query button Fixed a bug in tiQuery where the stop Query button, did not align to the right, when the window was resized.
inmemorydb Left joined nocache subquery Fixed a bug where if you left joined a nocache subquery, and the where clause contained a NOT on expression containing that subquery, then you could end up with invalid results.
e.g. select x.a,y.b
from ( select 1 as A union all select 2 as A union all select 3 as A ) X
left join ( select nocache 1 as B, 1 as C union all   select 2 as B, 2 as C ) Y
on X.A=Y.B
where not y.C=2
inmemorydb Aaggregate query simplification Fixed a bug in aggregate query simplification. If an aggregate query contained an expression of a dbfield, and a dbfield, then we try to simplify it by removing terms involving expressions of the dbfield.
E.g. Group by [MyDate] , Month([date]) can be simplified to  Group by [MyDate]
However if your group by was  Group by [MyDate] , Month([date]) , COL_A+COL_B  , then it would have
previously given an error. The simplification routine forgot to leave Col_A+COL_B ( Assuming they are from the
same table). The system now simplifies these kind of expressions correctly. So  Group by [MyDate] , Month([date])
, COL_A+COL_B   would be simplified to  Group by [MyDate] ,COL_A+COL_B  


InMemory - ETL Studio:

Scheduler Management Schedules are duplicated when job's state is changed in Scheduler Management  
Scheduler Service Change jobs behaviour after restart Automatic restart of scripts that missed their schedule is removed, scripts will always be triggered according to their schedule.
Scheduler Service Failure notification is not sent when an ETL job reaches execution time limit  


Server & Clients:

Windows client Missing/wrong German Translations in TARGIT 2022 A few German translations have been corrected or added.
Windows client Setting criteria in User Dimensions should not allow you to select shared user dimensions The option to select User Dimensions is removed
Windows client Unable to render chart on fixed axis Now chart accepts labels to be selected.
Bootstrapper Data Discovery connection string set to localhost Init DS URL to FQDN instead of LocalHost
Windows client Wrong German translation  
Windows client Strange label placement with hierarchies in bar chart  
Windows client Conditional Label not displayed in Anywhere  
Windows client Error in chart object  
Windows client Improved handling of navigating fast on a document The fix handles the scenario from this ticket 
Server Fixed problem with error 413 Request Entity too large when trying to upload too large temporary files  
Server Server now check the permissions of any previously logged on OpenID user by using the user's refresh token it received last time the user was logged on  
Server Users logging in via OpenId connect can now be found in Data Discovery when permissions on Cubes are set  
Windows client Opening Scheduled Jobs dialog before job has run causes access violation  After creating a scheduled job and the properties dialog is opened before the job is run, an access violation is displayed.
Windows client Scheduled jobs disappeared from list Scheduled jobs are now present on the list
Infrastructure Subscription licenses not updated Subscription customers running a 2022 version do not get license updated automatically.
Server Error "<databasename> is in an invalid state" on InMemory connections  
Windows client Setting None in Template has no impact  
Windows client Cannot select Notification Context document in Scheduled Job  
Server LoginResult.ServerAddress is incorrect when running in the cloud  
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