DB2 as a data source - basic guide



What is it?

DB2 data source allows you to connect to a DB2 database.


How to do it?

First of all there are some prerequisites. These prerequisites takes place outside TARGIT and are NOT described in great detail in this article - that's consider part of a standard DB2 integration.

Already when you pick the DB2 Data Source type, the first hint of prerequisites is given on the right hand side:



Once you downloaded the necessary components - you need to refer to the correct parts in the plugin settings of DB2.

Data Service settings in general are found in the right hand side (marked with a red square below) of the Data Sources overview:



Once you have chosen these settings - you navigate to the Plugins tab and choose the DB2 plugin (as shown below).

Now you need to put in the correct path to the DLL that will be used for communicating with the DB2 database - it could be like shown below:



Now you are ready to make a data source - you need to know:

The server where your database is (below localhost)

The user id and password

The name of the database

Port number 50000 is filled in prehand.



The advanced part of the data source properties offers you to load all columns as string, setup a number of retrys to connect to the database before giving a timeout and a few other options.

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