Changelog for 2022 Spring Update 1

New features:







Anywhere Login via TargitSignedLogin.dll not working Bad request fixed for Signed login
Management client Cannot add new cubes to virtual cube in extensions  
Server DAX doesn't support Include Empty Members Now empty members are shown correct.
Server Editing an existing criteria will sometimes put selected members in "missing" - or indicate that the members has no data by showing parantheses around the members  
Server The TARGIT Server can crash when extended logging is enabled  
Windows client 80% axis not shown correct  
Windows client Long legend text when placed below object results in no show of legend Long legend text is no longer missing.
Windows client Combination of Hierarchical collation and Column Totals after member hides first dimension value Now showing text in charts
Windows client Dynamic content hidden in file  
Windows client Text Row property size keeps changing on 3rd one The text rows has the same sizes as before refresh
Windows client Measure axis for Column chart stacked 100% exceeds 100% For 100% stacked columns you can now no longer choose label position. Labels will always be placed inside in the middle of the column part.
The placement setting is still there because it is possible to have lines in combination with stacked and for lines the setting still applies.
Windows client No Repeater Columns when table flows over to next page Now there are column headers on all pages.
Windows client Access violation shown in Dynamic Caption editor  
Windows client Colours not exported to Excel  
Windows client Letters with umlaut, won't appear correctly  
Windows client Print button disappears when changing criteria in bar  
Windows client Wrong Dutch translation  
Windows client Installation issue for servers without webserver installed The Dot Net Hosting bundle is now always installed
Windows client Crosstab: Last column cut off  
Windows client Right clicking in Menu not working when relative links is enabled and file stored in folder Cannot reproduce error in 22.3.07003 
Windows client Batch Reporting not working in 2022 Scheduled jobs Batch over member properties was not executed. 
Windows client Scheduled job mails to empty members  
Windows client Translation not working Translation on DAX Connection was not showing translation
Windows client Opening documents gives exception  
Windows client Border style client crash  
Windows client Labels not shown correct  
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