Download trial version of TARGIT Decision Suite

Use this link to download and install a 30 days trial version of the TARGIT Decision Suite:

Download the .exe file

Watch this video on how to install the trial version: Download and install TARGIT trial version

The built-in demo data, dashboards and reports will enable you to follow these Quick tutorials to get you started in less than 15 minutes:

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  • Hi,

    when I try to open Targit, after to be downloaded, the attached page is showed. It's impossible to close it, then I haven`t access to work with Targit. What can I do?

  • Hi Aureli,

    You are probably running with a low screen resolution, so the 'X' in the upper right corner is not visible to you.

    However, you can close it with the 'Alt + F4' keyboard combination.

    BR / Ole


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