Named Colors

[Version: 2023 - December]
[Build: 23.12.11509]

As a Designer user, you can assign any color that you use in TARGIT as a 'Named Color'.

Whenever you work with colors in TARGIT, you will be able to pick a color from the list of Named Colors.  This list is a shared list of colors among all Designer users, and it will help to ensure a consistent design of dashboards and reports, with recognizable colors throughout your TARGIT solution.

A Named Color must be given a unique name, e.g., 'Title background color', and, optionally, a description. Choose descriptive names that are easily recognizable.

At any time you can delete or edit a Named Color.

The first name given to a color will also become the ID of that color. If you want to rename the Named Color, you can do this by changing the Display Name of the color.

If you choose to edit a Named Color, you can change the name and description of the Named Color. Of course, you can also change the color itself. E.g., the Named Color 'Title background color' can be changed from one color to another color, which will have an effect on all documents where the 'Title background color' has been used.

If you choose to delete a Named Color, you will get a warning, including a list of all documents that will be affected by this change. 

When deleting a Named Color, all usages of the Named Color will be reverted to a clearly visible magenta color, but with no further reference to a Named Color.

Note: Information about the Named Color IDs are stored in the .xview files. So, if you accidently delete a Named Color, you can restore it by creating a new Named Color with the same ID as the deleted Named Color or by restoring it from the Color dialogue:

When you have a long list of Named Colors, you can choose to 'Pin' your favorite Named Colors to the top of the list. The pinned list is a personal list per Designer user. 

If you have used a Named Color, the name of the Named color will appear as a tooltip when you hover the color in the dialog box.


While Named Colors will appear everywhere where you use the Color dialog, there are a few instances where it cannot be used. You can still apply the color from the Named Color list, but once applied there will be no reference to the Named Color.

You will see a warning where this limitation apply.

The current list of limitations include:

  • Gauge object fonts colors and value colors
  • Crosstab theme and style colors
  • Measure colors
  • Dimension member colors
  • Color agent colors
  • Custom color palette colors
  • Color gradients in Heat maps


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