Scheduled jobs - timeout options

If a scheduled job fails to complete, it will by default time out after 12 hours. This is to prevent failed scheduled jobs from saturating system resources.

If you want a shorter timeout for a specific scheduled job, you can do this from the Scheduled Job dialog:

If you want to change the default 12 hours timeout to something else, you can do this by modifying the Settings.xml file on the TARGIT Server's C drive, C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\Settings\Settings.xml.

Locate the <jobhost ... /> entry and modify the scheduledJobTimeout setting.

E.g., scheduledJobTimeout="PT23H" for a 23 hours timeout.

Note: Changing the default timeout directly in the Settings.xml file is a work-around, and there is no guarantee that it will work long term. (E.g., in a future version, the Settings.xml file might be changed without paying any attention to these types of customizations.)

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