Copy/Paste Criteria Bar

Cloud release: 13th March 2024
On-prem release: April 2024

Use the 'Copy/Paste criteria bar' option to easily copy all elements from the criteria bar in on dashboard to the criteria bar in another dashboard.  

Right click the criteria bar to copy it and to paste it. If the destination dashboard does not have a criteria bar, you should enable it from the 'View' menu or by pressing F10 before pasting it.

Criteria bar elements that will be copied in this way:

  • Dimensions
  • User dimensions
  • Measure selectors
  • Stored criteria selector
  • Dynamic data origin selector

Note: Global filters are not copied to the destination dashboard with this feature. If necessary, global filters may be copied/pasted in an additional step via the Criteria editor. See this article: Copy/Paste global criteria.

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