Ragged Hierarchy Modifier

A ‘ragged’ hierarchy is a hierarchy where different branches of the hierarchy have different numbers of levels.

  • Create another Cross table, Revenue per Customer Country(Country)
  • Add a calculation, Accumulated sum = sum(d-1, d1:0, m1).
  • Expand Canada, to simulate a ragged hierarchy.


Note: The accumulation "starts over" in the expanded part of the hierarchy. This is because the default Hierarchy Modifier (= no Hierarchy Modifier) is set to include elements on the same level as the current element.

  • Add the 'ragged' modifier r0 to the calculation:
    • sum(d-1, d1:0(r0), m1).
  • This will force the calculation to include elements at the lowest level in the hierarchy according to the current expansion of the table.


Note: The accumulation now continues despite the uneven hierarchy levels.

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