Order Modifiers

  • Create a new Analysis Monthly Growth with a Cross table showing Revenue per Time Hierarchy (Month).
  • Apply criteria Time = Last 13 months.


  • Make an ascending sort order by right-clicking the Revenue column's header.
  • From the Properties tab, Formatting, disable Hierarchical collation.
  • Add two calculations:
    • Accumulated sum, sorted
      • sum(d-1, d1:0, m1)
    • Month-to-month growth, unsorted
      • (sum(d-1, 0(u), m1) – sum(d-1, -1(u), m1)) % sum(d-1, -1(u), m1)


Notice: The monthly growth calculation should work according to the original sorting order to make sence – that’s why the u-parameter is necessary.
The earliest month (which is only included in order to calculate growth on the second earliest month) is still visible in the analysis.

Add a visibility agent to hide the earliest month (again, according to the original sorting order).


The visibility agent counts the rows (unsorted) and counting the first row the condition is met and the row is hidden. After the first row the count will be > 1 and the condition is not met.

The final analysis should look like this:


Notice that it is possible to sort the last calculation, while the accumulated sum cannot be sorted – and the reason for this is the use of the u-parameter on the last calculation.

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