Redefine an object

When an object has been added, defined and data has been fetched, you may find that the initial definition was wrong or inadequate. In that case, you can easily redefine the content of the object.

To redefine an object, use the Define button with the symbol of a wrench in the Design ribbon or click the Define button associated with the object. Notice the CTRL + Enter keyboard shortcut!


Clicking the Define button will automatically turn the Smartpad focus to the Source data tab. All currently selected measures and dimensions are highlighted with a small check mark, and can be deselected from the object by clicking them in the Source data list.


If you have already selected the correct source data, but the order is wrong or placements on horizontal or vertical axes are wrong, you can use drag and drop on the already selected measures and dimensions to get them correctly located.


When you are done redefining the object, fetch data again.

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