Batch Scheduling Report

Batch Scheduling enables you to mass-distribute a report in different versions to different recipients. Simply enable the Batch processing option as part of the scheduled job and select a dimension to be used as batch filter and potentially as email distribution list at the same time.

The Batch processing will produce as many reports as you have dimension members (except the ones you may have actively disabled). Furthermore, each report will be filtered by a criterion matching each dimension member.

It is even possible to let the Batch Scheduled job send out emails automatically – one email with one matching report to each recipient. This part of the Batch process requires the dimension to be designed with an additional attribute containing email addresses.


Notice: The Batch processing feature may require an add-on license to your current TARGIT license.

Now, let us improve a little bit on properties of the column chart that we added to our report – to prepare it for batch processing.


In the Title field, we will click the small black triangle to open the Advanced text editor.


Furthermore, from the small black triangle again, we will add some New dynamic content.


Here, we will add members from the Salesperson dimension, but only for the first three members and with a standard text if that limit is exceeded.


Now, when we add a scheduled job (Export to folder), we should include at least the $b (Batch element) variable in the file name:


When we run this scheduled job, with batch setting on Salesperson members, the output will become one PDF file per Salesperson:


One of the reports, the one for Jessika Thornton, will look like this:


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