Forced Criteria and Initial Criteria

In your roles, you may specify certain criteria that should be forced upon the members of the role.

It is also possible to apply the much lighter version of this feature, initial criteria, which applies the criteria when the users logon to TARGIT initially. The user will be capable of removing the criteria manually from the TARGIT client.

As an example consider, a larger reseller chain with a number of individual stores. Each store manager has access to the common, central Data Warehouse, but store managers should only be allowed to see data related to their own store.

In this case you will have to create a role for each store, each role having its own specific forced criteria on the Store dimension.

To apply forced and/or initial criteria, use the Criteria tab, when defining the role.


To add forced criteria, click ‘Add forced criteria’. It is now possible to browse through the dimensions and set the criteria as desired. It is even possible to use the Search members feature to make it easier to find the desired dimension member(s).


By clicking a dimension member more than once, it is possible to toggle between two operators.

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