InMemory tools

While TARGIT InMemory, is focused around a blistering fast database, it wouldn’t be useful without an ETL tool to feed data into that database and without a Data Modelling tool to define cubes with measures and dimensions.

InMemory ETL Studio


TARGIT InMemory comes with a range of database components, including the TARGIT ETL Studio for both basic and advanced data modeling. The ETL toolset allows for easy drag-and-drop connections to a wide range of data sources as well as the full power for complex data abstraction with TARGIT’s easy-to-learn scripting language. Users with SQL skills already have everything they need to master TARGIT’s advanced scripting options.


InMemory Scheduler Management


The InMemory Scheduler Management is responsible for executing your ETL scripts. The jobs can be set up to run automatically and keep your databases content up to date according to a pre-defined schedule. You can administrate your combined scheduled jobs from here, see logging statistics etc. Among other things, this is also where you set up deployment folders for your InMemory databases.


InMemory Query Tool


If you know how to write SQL queries, you also know how to use the InMemory Query Tool. It is a simple equivalent to the query tool you may know from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. You will often use it during the development process of your ETL packages for checking whether executing the ETL scripts produce the expected results in the database.

Data Model Editor

The Data Model Editor is run through the TARGIT Management Client. In the TARGIT Management Client, once you have created a connection to your InMemory database, you can start up the Data Model Editor on that connection in order to define relations between tables, dimensions, hierarchies, measures, calculations etc. – and eventually one or more cubes, which is the basis for the data you get access to through the TARGIT Designer client.


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