What is TARGIT InMemory?

TARGIT InMemory is a column-based, high data compression, in-memory database in the sense that every query is running on in-memory for blisteringly fast query speeds.

While the TARGIT Decision Suite front end runs seamlessly on all data sources, TARGIT InMemory is specially designed for your TARGIT front end. Consider the suit on the store rack. We’re not saying that suit doesn’t look great on you. We’re just saying the suit specially tailored for you looks even better.

We've taken our decades of experience, thousands of projects, and innumerable consulting hours to create the perfect user experience. We’ve eliminated everything our customers dislike most about data integration. Simply put, this is the fastest, most elegant ETL process.

TARGIT InMemory works great in two key scenarios: high overviews of data like traditional cube technology and highly detailed views on transaction level. You get the best of both worlds with this technology.

At the same time, you get intense, fast load of your data, which makes the platform great for large data load scenarios and near real-time scenarios. Since the ETL process is running in-memory as well, you experience that transformation of data is many times faster than with traditional OLTP databases.

An in-memory database primarily relies on main memory for data storage in contrast to more traditional database management systems that employ a disk storage mechanism. Once a database is loaded, data is “in memory” and ready-to-go, therefore it is able to retrieve and present information far more quickly than previously possible.

Following importation the TARGIT InMemory Database can be used as a data warehouse to be refreshed only when an update is required. You do not need to reload from a third-party source each time your pc is reset.


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