Asynchronous client upgrade

(Versions: 2022, 2021 (from Update 3))

From TARGIT 2021 Update 3 (build 20250 or later) it is possible to upgrade the TARGIT Client (the Windows application) independent of the TARGIT Server.

In previous versions, the client and the server needed to be kept in sync, i.e. installed with the same build number, which in effect meant doing a full TARGIT Decision Suite upgrade with every new major, update or hotfix release.

One of the advantages of this new approach, is that you can expect to install new, bug-fixed and/or improved client versions on a much more frequent basis, without having to worry about compromising your Server installation. Of course, the TARGIT Server may also need to be upgraded from time to time, but on a much less frequent basis.


Go through these steps to make an independent end-user Client upgrade:

    1. Go to the Download Center and download the and ClientInstall.hash files from the desired version/build number.
    2. Copy these two files to the Client Update folder on the TARGIT server (C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\ClientUpdate). Make a backup of the existing files before overwriting them.
    3. Next time end-users (re-)open their Client, it will automatically upgrade and open with the new version.



To upgrade the Anywhere client, simply run the Anywhere Configuration tool after the above mentioned steps.


To upgrade the Client used for Scheduled Jobs, go through these steps:

    1. Stop the TARGIT Server.
    2. Delete the content of the Jobhost\Client folder (C:\Program Files\TARGIT\ANTServer\Jobhost\Client).
    3. Extract all files from the file and copy these to the Jobhost\Client folder. Make sure that TARGIT.exe is located in the Client folder.
    4. Start the TARGIT Server.


Note: To revert to a previous version of the Client, simply go through the same steps, using the previous version of the and ClientInstall.hash files (e.g. from the backup files).

Note: To upgrade the TARGIT Server, run the standard TARGIT Decision Suite installation file (TARGITSetup.exe).


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