Upgrade TARGIT to new version

Note: The upgrade should be done at a time when it will affect as few people as possible. An upgrade will include at least one restart of the TARGIT services which will close any open client sessions and possible result in loss of any unsaved work.


Before upgrading we recommend you take backups of the following folders:

  • C:/ProgramData/TARGIT/Antserver
  • C:/inetpub/wwwroot
  • C:/Program Files/TARGIT/ TARGIT Data Service 
  • C:/Programdata/TARGIT/TARGIT InMemory Scheduler Server
    + folder where you store you're original .improj files*

*Note last step only relevant if you are using TARGIT InMemory 


If the upgrade for some reason fails, you will be able to re-install the previous version and manually restore the essential files from your backup.


Upgrade process

  • Run the installer (TARGITSetup.exe).
  • If the installer detects an already installed version of TARGIT, you will see only the Update option.


  • Run TARGIT Anywhere Configuration -> Check for update


Additional information:

  • TARGIT clients on local PCs will normally update automatically.
  • If you are running the TARGIT client from a Terminal Server the following must be executed in an elevated Command Prompt:
    Start TARGIT://[server name]/install 
    If you are working directly on the TARGIT Server (and the Windows Server has a Terminal Server license), this would work:
    Start TARGIT://localhost/install 
  • If you upgrade from a version prior to version 2018, you must also upgrade the TARGIT client:
    • Uninstall the local client completely.
    • Visiting https://[server]:1301/install in a browser and install the new client.

Note: If you can not log in because your license is not upgraded, contact TARGIT support.


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