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When you run slideshows directly from the client, you will of course occupy one of your client licenses with just running slideshows. You also need a TARGIT client to be connected to e.g. the wall-mounted monitor in reception.

A better alternative may be to use the Scheduled Publishing option for Slideshows. In this way you produce an HTML package with all the documents, data, animations etc. which is then displayed via a normal Internet browser.

In fact, the Scheduled Publishing option is in most cases more robust and less prone to data and connection hiccups that would otherwise require manual maintenance to fix.

Remember that a Slideshow must be saved before you can create a new Scheduled Job from it.


At the Delivery tab you can select Publish and even define your own custom URL. You can also copy the URL directly to the Clipboard.


Note: If your Anywhere server is accessible from the internet - this content will also be accessible for anyone with the correct URL

Now that it is a Scheduled job, the HTML package – and the documents and data within the Slideshow – will automatically update according to the frequency that has been set in the Schedule settings. When you open the Scheduled jobs list, you can also manually update the HTML package by right clicking the job and select Run now.


The URL link that you copied to your clipboard, you can now insert into a browser – e.g. Chrome or any other browser of your own choice. The slideshow should then run by itself in the browser.


Notice: Scheduled Publishing requires the Enterprise distribution add-on to a standard license. Furthermore, make sure that users that are supposed to create Scheduled Publishing jobs are set up correctly with regard to Rights.

Note: If the TARGIT Server is running in a TARGIT Cloud environment, for the publishing URL to work, you will need to add "/server" to the URL - as in this example:
  • Original URL:
  • URL in cloud environment:
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