Fine-tuning Source Data Detection

The Data Discovery tool will automatically detect data types of the individual columns in the source file. Only columns containing numeric data will be treated as Measures, while all other columns will be treated as dimensions. Furthermore, date columns will be detected and treated specifically as time dimensions.

However, sometimes you will want to fine-tune this detection and also how and if a specific column should be presented in the TARGIT client.

Your options for fine-tuning and displaying data are:

  • Change the column data type, e.g. to read an ID as a dimension instead of as a measure.
  • Change a measure to be shown only as a measure. Change a dimension to be shown only as a dimension. Change a measure to be shown as just a single aggregation type.
  • Hide irrelevant columns from the source data.

To work with these options, you must first start the Data Discovery from the Design ribbon:


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