Source Data - Source Element

Source Elements are the "meta data" elements available for use and used in Dashboards / Reports - primarily dimensions and measures from cubes connected in the solution. For source data to be available for documents, documents must be created in or updated to TARGIT version 2019 or later.


Source Element

Title/name of the source element.


Source Element Hierarchy

Hierarchical source element with levels Database → Cube → Element → Hierarchy → Level. Deleted source elements will appear with - n/a - values in the hierarchy.


Source Element Type

The type of source element. The types are:

  • Dimension
  • Measure
  • Shared User Dimension


Source Element Deleted

Current availability of the element. If a source element used in documents is not found, the only available information is Type and the full metadata (cube) path of the element at the time of deletion.


Source Element Use Type

Use Type describes how the source element is used in documents. The use types are:

  • Data (used in dashboard objects)
  • Member Criteria
  • Dynamic Time Criteria
  • User Dimension Criteria
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