Source Data - Link to Document

Link to Document are documents referenced in other documents and include:

  • Document triggers from normal documents (dashboard / reports)
  • Documents linked in menus
  • Document used as startup documents in roles
  • Menu documents used role based menus
  • Documents used in embedded links
  • Documents used in slideshows
  • Documents used in bookmarks

Documents must be created in or updated to TARGIT version 2019 or later for linked documents to be available.


Link to Document Title

Title of the document without path/directory information.


Link to Document Hierarchy

Hierarchical document path/directory up to 10 levels. For further details see Document Hierarchy.


Link to Document Path

The full VFS path of the document.


Link to Document Type

The type of the document. See above for detail about document types.


Link to Document Version

The version of TARGIT that was used when saving the document


Link to Document Owner

The owner of the document. The information is available for documents found in Personal and Scheduled Jobs.


Link to Document Deleted

Current availability of the document. If a document link has been deleted, the only available information is Document Type and the full VFS path of the document at the time of deletion.

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